Funeral Sound System

Graveside services may be the only option for some during the pandemic crisis.

Funeral Service Losing a loved one is difficult.

During the current pandemic, it can be even worse.

Friends and families may not be able to view their loved ones due to imposed restrictions. Restrictions vary by state and city. For some places, only graveside services are an option, and even then, social distancing guidelines are also imposed.

I attended one of my Uncles' services recently, and these are a few challenges of the day:

  • Social distancing guidlines resulted in guests being spread over a large area
  • Some guests stayed in their cars near the service
  • Wind making it even more difficult to hear
  • Guests that are hard of hearing
  • Officiant doesn't speak loudly

These issues make it difficult or even impossible to hear what the officiant is saying.

The Solution

To help overcome these challenges, I can provide a portable, battery powered sound system to cover the service area.
No power required! There may not be power at the cemetery.
I can provide wired or wireless microphones depending on needs, and accomodate a musician if needed.

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