Planning your Tulsa Wedding

Welcome to the Reception!

The ceremony is over, and you're ready to eat and party!
Your guests fill the room, sign the guestbook and from here that's where I take over making any announcements to direct your guests to their seats, or to the buffet, or whatever your wanting them to do first.

DJ Paul Reedy (That's Me!) of Main Mix Entertainment has been doing weddings in the Tulsa area since 1996, and has many years of experience before that, so this isn’t just a hobby. From the ceremony to the reception, I will make sure everything is done in a manner to make sure that each detail of your wedding is done right.

It can been said that some DJs have 20 years of experience, and some DJs have 1 year of repeated 20 times over. I strive to improve every year by keeping up on the latest trends of entertainment, sound & lighting to give your reception that special atmosphere that is custom to your liking.

Main Mix Entertainment has been digital since 2000 Main Mix Entertainment has been digital since 2000.
This allows me to serve you better at your reception.
All of your special music is loaded & ready before any of your guests arrive, with gapless non-stop dinner music entertaining your guests.

With so many DJ’s out there, who do you choose?

Well, you would want to pick a DJ that has had several years of experience in wedding reception entertainment. I mean, your wedding day is pretty important, so you wouldn’t want to choose a vendor without experience right?

If I'm a good fit for you, we can then discuss any options you may be interested in. Some of the options that I can provide are:
  • Monograms
  • UpLighting
  • Video Screens
  • Ceremony Sound System
  • Audio feeds for Videographers
  • Sound system for Live Musicians

The consultation meeting not only allows us to learn about how I can make your dream wedding come true, but it also allows you to meet with me and see if I make a good fit for your reception style.
It's important to hire a DJ that you're comfortable talking with, and provide your mix of class, atmosphere, and party fun!

“Every wedding is different”

This may sound passé, but... OK so most wedding have a ceremony and reception... but beyond that, the details of each wedding are completely customized to the taste of every bride. Everyone has different music at their ceremony, some have pre-recorded music whether traditional or custom, some have musicians and a singer, or even someone that does a reading. Some brides have professional Videographers to record the ceremony. Main Mix Entertainment can handle each one of these events to make sure that everyone can hear everything is going on, from providing the right microphones to providing accommodations for musicians to audio feeds for the videographer in order to provide the highest level of service to you not only from us, but your other vendors.

In order for us to deliver this high level of service, and determine what YOU have in mind for your wedding, we would like to meet with you and your fiancé in person if possible, or schedule some time on the phone to go over every detail.

Fill out the event request form for more information, and schedule a consultation.
William and Christina's First Dance April 17 2009 at the Tulsa Historical Society
William and Christina's First Dance at the Tulsa Historical Society