Planning your Tulsa Wedding Ceremony

Wedding celebrations start with the Ceremony

If you're having your ceremony outdoors at your reception venue, you may consider my ceremony sound package. If not, you can proceed to the Reception Hall

How many ceremonies have you been to where you could not hear what was said?

Anytime there is more than 50 people present at your ceremony, a sound system should be considered. It prevents the officiant from having to think about speaking loud. Even if they speak loud naturally, their volume tends to lower through the ceremony. If you have a videographer, they'll want to pick up the audio clearly as well. Consider your guests who may not have the best hearing. They would appreciate and enjoy being able to hear what is said.

Outdoor weddings in the city are always plagued with noises from trucks, sirens, and planes.
Many ceremonies are also distracted by an unhappy child. You've been to those ceremonies haven't you? You know what I'm talking about!

As part of your initial consultation, we'll talk about the ceremony to find out if you have live musicians, or possibly someone giving a reading.

I have run sound for bands, and churches with many singers and instruments, so if you have live musicians, I know how to connect their instruments, and mix their sound evenly.

  • Separate sound system
  • Dual Micing where possible
  • Micing for live musicians, thier instruments and/or readers
  • Audio feeds for Videographers

Large group of guests attending an outdoor ceremony at Woolaroc, which is generally a quiet place, but a sound system is needed here for people in the back to hear. In this case, the ceremony sound system doubled as a 'fill' during the reception so that guests outside the reception area could hear announcements.